Bastards 2016 Torrent

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Bastards 2016 Torrent

Bastards 2016

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After learning that their mother was lying in it for years on suspicion of their dead father, brother twin brothers go on a journey to find him.

A night watchman in an armored car company in South organizes one of the largest bank robbery in American history. David Ghantt find a real sense of adventure far beyond its wildest dreams. He is a man who is not complicated stuck in monotony. Day after day he drove armored vehicle, transporting millions of other people’s money with no escape in sight. The only glimmer of excitement is at once charming fancies Kelly Campbell attract him into the scheme of life. Plus half-brained gang of criminals led by Steve Chambers and plan a robbery blamed unreasonable, David manages the impossible and made off with $ 17 million for this problem is stupid he gives the money over to a bunch of these Double wild passes set up to take the fall. Tim blew millions of luxury and luxury goods is unreasonable, left remarkable trail of evidence. Now refugees and over his head, David must elude the authorities, avoiding assassins funny, Mike McKinney, and try to turn the tables on those who thought some.

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