Where will your scuba diving take you? There’s a world of underwater adventures out there waiting for you. Scuba diving and traveling go hand-in-hand.
Whatever your motive is, looking at the fish, corals and relax or wanting to improve your aquatic skills, concentrating on depth and timings or to overcome fear, you will find great pleasure as diving at Aurora. You will have a complimentary private consultation with our instructor, before starting the course. We obviously are always on hand to help with further techniques as needed. After the basic course is completed, you may be having a delicious BBQ or light foods. Our major aims are bring a lot of fun to guests.


cooking class2


Learn the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine with local chefs in our cooking class. Being together on nice beach and hands-on class before creating your own traditional and delicious Vietnamese meal.
Try your hand at making delicious and Vietnamese meals, and learn the tips and tricks of the country’s traditional cuisine from your expert local chefs. Our chefs will guide you to create several dishes that you can then re-produce at home. Learn about the typical ingredients in Vietnamese cooking and get the opportunity to experience Vietnamese cooking first hand.
Classes are completely hands-on. Everyone will have his or her own equipment. Classes include a number of Vietnamese different dishes, and a recipe card will be provided.
At the end of the class, your dishes will be served to you one by one…


Young yoga instructor leading a class in stretching


Aurora Yoga is place for you to retreat from the outside world. We are here to inspire you as you generate victory, restoration, rejuvenation, transformation, and strength for your Mind, Body, and Spirit.
We are honored to join as a community with you to share an inspired lifestyle that will encourage a unique sense of health, wellbeing, and healing. At Aurora Yoga we encourage you to adopt a lifestyle practice that will teach you how to take the victory, restoration, rejuvenation, transformation, strength, and breath you breathe in on your mat, off your mat and into your lives. Our tribe is committed to supporting you as you sustain your new and more inspired lifestyle.


outdoor theater


Who can resist fantastic movies with the smell of popcorn wafting through the air? Whether young or old, Aurora Outdoor Theater will give you good times. It’s outdoor. It’s movies. It’s an unforgettable experience!
Side by side on green grass, truly relax through interesting variety of performances, musicals and entertainment. Films will be changed day by day following variety topics. Relive the days of glorious wartime; be exited with Hollywood films; laugh delightfully with comedy or be emotive by dramas. If there is a movie you wish to see there is also the possibility for you to hire just for your family.
Spend a significant day with interwoven emotions. Recreate without any worry. Don’t pass up the opportunity for memorable moments at Aurora Villas & Resort.


AURORA Villas & Resort