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One of the romantic and attractive dining options when at Aurora is to dine on beach. Seating-time permitting, you’ll be able to see a spectacular sunset while enjoying a memorable culinary experience.
The sound of the waves breaking, the sweet smell of the sandy beach, a starlit sky, and great tasting food. Dining on beach, the perfect choice for the unforgettable memories. Enjoy your private space in exquisite meals with the warmth of the sand between your toes. At Aurora, you can sit back and connect with all your senses as you listen to the sound of the ocean. Depending on the time you choose to have dinner…


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“Not just a dinner… An experience.”
Inspiration for dinner on organic farm! Restaurants without any walls, outdoor farm-to-table experiences bring the freshness of fields, orchards directly to your table. Farmers harvest bountiful ingredients and prepare simple but beautiful dishes for guests to savor at the beautiful farm. These special experiences not only deliver amazing meals in unforgettable dining, but also a chance to see and learn firsthand how the farmers, how to grow trees and make delicious meals on your own way.
Enjoy the fresh breeze, sipping wine and eating green produce from the garden…


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With the right person, even a hamburger and a soda can supply the fare for an evening of romantic dining. But for a unique and memorable experience, let join us for drinks and a gourmet meal at Aurora Resort.
Aurora offers a variety of dining on bay that combines delicious food with a lot of fun. Our menus include freshly caught seafood, locally grown vegetables, premium cocktails and irresistible desserts.
The tasty cuisine is prepared with our heart and soul. Let imagine! Each bite tells a story – a connection to the nature, to personal memories, to emotion and history. Sense this connection in the exquisite flavors and aromas of Aurora’s.



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